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Kristine Chester

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. some nerd named Kristine started to play Dungeons & Dragons and the Star Wars Roleplaying Game. In the present the only things that have changed are the editions and now she records them for others to enjoy. In addition to playing with her home group of Dinopod, Kristine play’s the Gand Droid Tech Illyn Kaav on the Star Wars actual play Heroes of the Hydian Way and Thane Thunderstep on the D&D 5e podcast Omen's Call. She is delighted to play the part of Raina in The Glass Dagger alongside her partner Nicole Hanyon.


You can follow Kristine on Twitter @12thKnight.

Nicole Hanyon

Nicole Hanyon

Jeff Romo

"In the days of the ancients, when the dawn crawled over the 1st world, a child was born in the southern Realm of the Single Star. Mewling and calling for sustenance, he was lay in the caldera of a dormant volcano, a polyhedron of iron buried near his swadling basin in the ash. And on the 20th day, the child was found with the polyhedron of iron held aloft, the 20th side presented to the heavens." - The Canticle of the GM-borne

Kyle Grim

Kyle has been playing tabletop RPGs for only six years, but it was love at first roll. Kyle is in many different games and starts getting a bit stir crazy when he has gone a week without playing. He is also lucky enough to share this hobby with his wife, Kara. When not playing tabletop RPGs, Kyle enjoys character creation, world building, and catching up on his characters' journals. He has non-RPG related hobbies too such as playing board games, learning how to cook new recipes like cottage pie and lefse with his wife, and gardening.

You can find Kyle on Twitter @TheGrimGM

Jeff Marchette


My name is Jeff Marchette and I need your help. My rich Calishite cousin has been possessed by an Intellect Devourer and unless you send me 1,500 gold pieces she will be lost forever. If you help us she will send you a ruby worth 40,000gp as soon as she is freed. You can trust me because I am an avid RPG player who lives at the bottom of the ocean and I need that money to unlock my cousin's bank account transferal withdrawals to get you that ruby and defeat the Intellect Devourer.


You can find me on Twitter @JeffMarchette.

More often a Game Master than a player, Nicole enjoys getting to experience the other side of the screen in The Glass Dagger in her role as Kin. She has a tendency to pick up the adventure paths written for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition and adapt them for her home group known as the Dinopod. She also dabbles in miniature painting on occasion, making keepsakes of the characters for any given campaign. This love of roleplaying is shared with her partner, Kristine Chester, and both hope to expand this website to incorporate more of their hobbies and projects.

You can follow Nicole on Twitter @completenictory

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